Last weekend, all six Castle Lady Knights teams took to the hardwood in Albany to face the Gym Rat Challenge.  And, while it was an endurance test, they certainly proved worthy of the Challenge.  The Girls 15 and 16U teams took home the Rat Trophy, while two others lost in the championship games and another lost in the semi-final game.  A tremendous showing from the entire Girls program.  Rock Rosa, Castle Girls Program Coordinator, stated, “we could not be more proud of the way our Girls play and the sportsmanship which they display.  We compete every game and we do it the right way.”  This was echoed by Coach Chez Williams, coach of the Girls 13U and 16U teams.  “All year, we have been building and building so that the team develops as a cohesive unit, and the results are speaking for themselves.  We are looking forward to the Live periods where our student athletes can display their talents and their desire to play at the next level.”

The teams head off to Spooky Nook this week to play in The Prime Event East.  Looking forward to another great weekend.