The Castle Athletics Lady Knights traveled to Spartanburg, SC over the weekend and displayed that they are a force to be reckoned with on the Adidas Circuit. Overcoming unexpected logistical issues in getting to The Palmetto State, the teams regrouped and played strong team ball throughout the Session. The 15U squad went 4-0. The 17U team went 3-1. And the 16U unit played some tough games, and lost a key player to injury, before finishing 1-3. Coach Chez Williams of the 15U Lady Knights was nonplussed by the success. “We know that we have a very talented group of young women that can play with anyone-play great defense and team ball. The result is indicative of that.” Equally satisfied were 17U coaches Rock Rosa and Marquee Poole. Coach Poole noted that “the Castle women are some of the best and complete players in NYC. They come to practice, work hard and are determined. More importantly, they are focused on their studies and making a mark in the future. We could not be prouder.”

The Castle High School Girls continue their Spring season with the NYC Rose Classic playoffs and then on to the Gym Rat.