Castle Athletics dominated the Zero Gravity Winter League Championships on Sunday at House of Sports, nabbing four out of five trophies. On the Boys’ side, Castle went three for three taking home championships in the 11U, 12U and 13U brackets. It might have been four-for-four, but the 14U squad was traveling at the Marquee Hoops Championships. The 12U squad started the Boys’ haul by taking down the Tri-State Thunder 52-32. Virtually all team members got in the scoring column. Over the course of the Winter, the team continued to develop fundamentals and Coaches Bill, Cornell and Ron did a great job working with the boys and helping them improve over the past four months.

12U Boys

The trophies continued to come in when the 13U team took down the Grey Wolves Silver 58-44. This was another example of improvement throughout the Winter months and Coaches Jessie and Darryl should be commended for the Boys development.

13U Boys

The newest team on the block, 11U, continued their dominance of Winter League opponents and ran over the Greenwich Stars 48-16. Coaches Will and Sherman have done a fantastic job molding the team and teaching them the basics of the game.

11U Boys

The Girls 14U similarly went through the Winter League like a hot knife through butter, going undefeated. Coach Baruch led the charges this weekend and they finished off the competition with a 58-33 win over Team Sharp in the final. Team Sharp put up a valiant effort but the Castle press unhinged them and led to some easy buckets.

14U Girls

It should be noted that the two Castle girls teams playing in the 13U bracket toughed it out and were both upset in the semi-finals.

Now, on to the Spring and Summer seasons!!!!