Castle Programming Humming Along With NYC Castle Challenge Leading The Way

announced December 8, 2016

During the Fall and Winter, Castle Athletics focuses its attention on its elementary and middle school aged student athletes. Since late October, the players have been enmeshed in twice weekly practices and academic enrichment sessions and begun play in the Winter League at the House of Sports in Ardsley. Additionally, the student athletes participated in the First Annual Castle Foul Shot Fundraiser, raising funds to help support the program.

But, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Castle staged The First NYC Castle Challenge at Hostos Community College and displayed how Castle has been reaching deep into the NYC community to develop itself and its student athletes. Held over two days, nine high school boys and girls games were played. Matchups on the Girls side included: Manhattan Center v. Democracy Prep, J.F. Kennedy v. Martin Luther King, Aquinas v. Renaissance, and Holcombe Rucker v. Harry S. Truman. On the Boys side, games were: J.F. Kennedy v. John Bowne, Bedford Academy v. McKee/Staten Island Tech, Democracy Prep v. Kipp NYC College Prep, H.S. for Construction v. Holcombe Rucker and Wadleigh High School v. Brooklyn Law & Tech. Each game was hotly contested and showed that all of the teams were ready to start the their high school campaigns. Teams are already lining up and requesting to participate in next year’s Challenge.

Many thanks go out to Rudy King, Grassroots Coordinator, and Red Collier for coordinating the Challenge and to Ghandhi Martin to help bring it all together. Additionally, many thanks to the Castle coaches and Friends of Castle that volunteered their precious time over a holiday weekend to help pull off one of the finest basketball programs held in NYC.

Photos of the Challenge will be placed online soon.

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