Tutoring Finishes the Winter Season

announced February 13, 2016

The Castle tutoring program finished off the winter season today with five teams practicing and taking advantage of the academic enrichment sessions. Over the past few months, our teams have received help with homework assignments and special projects, were assisted with reading and math problems and enjoyed opportunities to play with the arts.

Education Director Howie Harrison said that the student athletes enjoy the program and that they feel part of a family. "They understand that Castle cares and that they are not just part of a basketball team. We are in this together and the educational component of Castle is the most important aspect of what we do and where we hope to show the most improvement in our student athletes."


Castle will begin its Spring/Summer program starting next week with tryouts for its elite middle school teams. For tryout information, CLICK HERE. For information regarding the teams and their upcoming seasons, click on the respective team under the "Team" tag above.

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