8th and 9th Grade Teams Sweep Through Tip Off Classic

announced March 25, 2013

Castle's 8th and 9th grade teams went undefeated during the Tip Off Classic hosted at the Brewster Sports Center in Brewster, New York.  Game summaries follow: 

8th Grade Team

Castle 84 - Nor'east Lightning (Morris - 14U) 60:
Castle maintained momentum throughout its victory against the Nor'est Lighting. On defense, Curtis Trevino, Derek Wagner, and John Jimenez created several turnovers that lead to easy baskets on the offensive end. Victor Potter dominated on the block with 17 points and several rebounds and blocked shots. Steven Remigio added 16 points.

Castle 68 - USDA 67 (overtime):
John Jimenez led Castle with 17 points and an all-around phenomenal game on both ends of the court. Derek Wagner sent the game to overtime with a buzzer beating 3-pointer and won the game in overtime with a buzzer beating field goal; he scored 12 points in total. Castle's press defense, led by Curtis Trevino, Kalvin Page, and Galeal Martin, created several turnovers down the stretch and ultimately led to Castle's victory.

Castle 57 - Nor'east Lightning (Elser - 15U) 48:
Victor Potter once again dominated the post with 17 points and several rebounds and blocked shots. Derek Wagner had another solid game, creating opportunities for his teammates with dribble penetration and adding 10 points of his own. Anthony Garcia was Castle's second leading scorer with 15 points. Steven Remigio, Kalvin Page, and Galeal Martin brought intensity and sharpness on both ends of the court, and their play put an end to a late 8-point run by the Lightning and sealed Castle's victory.

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