Castle Student Athletes Enjoy Enrichment Sessions

announced April 16, 2015

Castle's academic enrichment sessions are fully underway and our student athletes are thriving and enjoying the process. Whether pinpointing specific academic areas that need to be further developed, assisting students with homework assignments or projects, or providing general overviews on global history and current events, they are succeeding. Already this Spring, students have worked on preparations for the recently conducted ELA exams, done readings from The Other Wes Moore, received SAT/ACT assistance and even worked on the latest viral logic brain-teaser of "When is Cheryl's Birthday?"

These sessions are part of the two-pronged Castle approach: mandatory academic enrichment sessions and basketball practices/tournaments for our student athletes. The joinder of the two promote each other, with participants who might not otherwise take advantage of the academics gaining by being in an environment where studying is not viewed as a negative thing. Rather, by having your peers/teammates participate, the sense of teamwork and camaraderie prevail and it is seen as a positive. We applaud all of our tutors for contributing and all of our student athletes for participating.

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