Castle Athletics Announces Tryout Schedule for Fall/Winter Teams

announced September 26, 2017

This afternoon, Castle announced its tryout schedule for its Fall and Winter teams, B9U-14U and Girls 12U and 14U. The teams will compete in various tournaments and leagues throughout the Northeast, spanning the period through the end of February, and team members will participate in academic enrichment programs twice a week over the same period. Castle President Brian Rosen noted that “participation on the teams is FREE. All that is required is attendance at the academic enrichment sessions.”

Tryouts will be held over a two week period, commencing next Monday, October 2, 2017, and be staged at various locations throughout Manhattan. While there are three and perhaps four sessions per team, it is suggested that, unless otherwise told, participants attend each of the sessions. And, unlike other programs, tryout participation is FREE.

For a complete listing of dates, times and locations, please see the annexed flyers. For additional information, please feel free to contact the Castle office at (917) 475-1924.

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